How To Get More Energy – Tip 1 From The UK Health Coach, Andrew Bridgewater

Try This Easy Tip To Get More Energy…


Breathing properly is one of the best ways to get more energy. When we’re stressed or anxious in any way, proper breathing becomes even more crucial. This also works brilliantly before an important speech, meeting or phone call.

Here is a simple prescription to help you. Do this 3 times each day for 10 days and notice the difference in your mind and body.

Breath in for a count of 5, hold for a count of 20 and then breathe out for a count of ten.  It’s that simple !

Extra tip – have a ticking clock or ticking timer nearby to help you count evenly.

How Does This “How To Get More Energy Tip” Actually Work ?

The lymph system is the sewage system of the body removing toxins and waste products from every cell.  Unfortunately, unlike the circulatory system, the lymph system is not fitted with a pump and needs help to function at it’s peak.  This is one of the reasons why sensible aerobic exercise makes you feel more energetic.  As well as pumping oxygen to the brain, it properly activates the lymph system.

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