Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Three Simple Things I Can Do To Boost My Energy & Health?

1. Drink between 2-3 litres of water each day.  Most people are chronically dehydrated and it’s water you need, not coffee, tea, fruit juices, squashed or alcoholic drinks.  Don’t drink more than 4 litres of water each day as the body needs a healthy composition of essential salts

2. Add organic wheatgrass to your water. Start with one teaspoon per litre of water and gradually increase to 2 teaspoons per litre of water

3. Meditate for 15 minutes each day.  Just 15 minutes a day quietening the mind will give your mental and physical energy levels a massive boost and enable you to handle a much higher level of stress without this having adverse consequences for your health

 What Is A Health Coach ?

Someone to hold you accountable and provide expert support and guidance while you achieve those all-important health goals – whether these be around weight loss, managing stress, living with abundant energy, releasing an ailment or mitigating the risk of a major illness – to name but a few

 Why Should I Have A Health Coach?

To benefit from a wealth of experience, skill and knowledge. To stay motivated while enjoying the achievement of your health goals. To ensure that the benefits are truly lasting and not short-lived.