Health Crisis To Abundant Health - A Personal Story ...

After a prolonged period of work-related stress in 2006, my mental and physical health had deteriorated to the point where I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. I had qualified as a psychologist just a year before and was suddenly at the lowest point in my life.

I’m extremely grateful for an amazing recovery, for what I discovered in the process and how I was able to find a powerful life purpose out of adversity.

That life purpose is “To Help Others Heal With Love”.

Almost all of us suffer a major health challenge at some point in life. It’s not what happens that makes the difference but what we do with what happens.  Just don’t leave it too late.

After a month in hospital, I decided never to let a personal health crisis happen again and a journey to lasting recovery and abundant health began. I have spent the years since 2006 researching, studying, applying and sharing the very best health information available and it’s here at   It would have been selfish not to – because the skills and experience I’ve gained have been profound and life-changing.

Think about it for a moment – your health is really all you have. Please take special care of it for your own sake and for the benefit of those you love.

I look forward to helping you be one of the 2% who enjoy the life advantage that abundant health offers !

Kind regards,
Andrew Bridgewater

Chartered Psychologist at The UK Health Coach